• Khamkeut District became new cultural development village

  • マングローブ原生林をカヌーツーリング

    Khamkeut is cultural village

  • アンコール遺跡群タ・プローム

    Vang Nam Yen ( Yen Ponds )

  • Khamkeut Tourism Information Centre

  • Ethnics Festival Ceremony

  • Namgnouang Spot tour by boat

  • Sobcom Ferry Port = ທ່າເຮືອ

  • Servey Team of Seuaten Faterfall

  • Khamkeut Tourism Information Centre

Welcome to Lao PDR and we will serve you all about Tour Spots in our district as well as we could,please feel free to travel anywhere you want !

Pick Up Tour

Get a boat & sightseeing views


You can start to get a boat here and sightseeing views along the river with some rare species of birds,butterfly and some fishes here。

Reservoir & Fishing


For one who love fishing and relax on boat, all of you can make a short tour around here only one day you could get new experiences with nature。

Cultural Experience


For one who would like to joy with Lao Ethnics people who stay in our city as you may know Khamkeut District there are many ethics to stay peaceful in the same community。

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Our Events Channel

You can enjoy with our short slide about Khamkeut District or Youtube which we could support you more and more about our activities and events in our district to let you all know and spend more time to visit us in those importance events as Lao New Year in the middle of April,Hmong people in the first of February and TET for some ethics in the first of March.。

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Khamkeut HIstory

In the event of Hmong Festival you could see the Hmong people play many kinds of their traditional show like strong cows fighting games,traditional dancing and they must wear their beuatiful dress for an importance events。

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Sixth All Secondary School First Hosted By Bolikhamxay Province

ກໍນັບວ່າເປັນເຫດການທີ່ສຳຄັນ ທີ່ແຂວງບໍລິຄຳໄຊ ໄດ້ຮັບກຽດເປັນເຈົ້າພາບໃນງານມະຫາກຳກິລານັກຮຽນມັດທະຍົມທົ່ວປະເທດ.

First History of Bolikhamxay Province to be host for All Country Secondary School Sport Festival。ກັບໜ້າຫລັກ